Titan Temerity Take-Down

Summer finally showed up.
Took a quick leave of its stand.
Seasons seldom with calendar,
lay down any clear plan.

New age carbon constructions,
hold deep-doubt 'tween end caps.
Spring and Fall crushes in on,
Summer signing off heard in taps.

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That’s what I was thinking.

Some say forewarning
impedes progress.
Some say hindsight
is twenty-twenty.
Some say certify
would make progress.
Some say foresight
with caution aplenty.

Surprised it made it down and back a few times. Rude Goldberg helped design it.

It was crude.

Does it matter?

Yes it matters it failed. He killed people.

They understood the risks and accepted the odds. What changes. Were still debating PFDs and bike helmets. I’ll focus in that first. Baby steps! Then we can devide whether we’d take the risk for $250k. Indulge! It’s out of my league and matters not at all to me!

You commented and ask does it matter then because?

It never got any good reviews by peers in it’s industry.

It seemed common knowledge, except to the people going down in the sub. People take odd chances. Perhaps there’s a lesson in that.

An acquaintance of mine who served on submarines in the navy posted this:

If only the CEO at Boeing was on one of those 737 MAXs that went down.
(and a federal regulator or two).