Has anyone seen the new Current Designs Titan? It

looks like a nice large person boat .John

Rudder "chalk"
I don’t know anything about the boat, but someone really needs to fix that.

It replaces the Solstice GT HV designation. The cockpit has been redesigned to make it more user friendly and better balanced for big guys. A nice boat.

Hmm… Real subtle name… NM

chock full o’ ?
funny typo

This is what “I” know…
I test paddled the Regular Solstice GT last Fall, and my 270 Lb weight seemed to be a bit much for it. The dealer told me the waterline was almost at the seam tape, when I was sitting flat. I sent an e-mail to Current Designs to ask about this, and to see what they reccommended (other than me losing weight!) :slight_smile:

They told me thay were coming out with a new Solstice GT model this spring called the Titan. They said they were going to deepen the hull, to accomodate the weight of a larger paddler. By using this deeper hull, the wider seat that was on the HV model, and the standard Deck, they were going to come up with a High Volume model that actualy would handle the weight of the big guy. Instead of just the higher deck as put on last year’s HV model, this had a deeper hull. They said it was the same hull design, so performance would not change from the previous models. The overall deck height was to stay the same as the last year’s HV model.

I have not seen one yet, maybe there will be one at PaddleSports in New Jersey. I did feel the boat had too much straight line tracking. But the rudder would help it turn. I am thinking for my next kayak to have a skeg instead of a rudder.

I hope this little info was of some help.

Happy Paddling!

CD Solstice Titan
I have bought the 2007 Current Designs GT Solstice Titan. Although I don’t have as much experience with paddling as most people around here, I have found that this boat has most adequate room for me. I am 6 foot 7 inches tall and weigh 265 pounds with a 36 inch inseam. Relaxed, my feet don’t even touch the forward bulkhead and I can get inside comfortably and operate the foot pegs with tennis shoes on. The boat is rated for paddlers from 180 to 340 pounds and up to 475 pounds total. It is more tipsy than I am used to and need some practice with it, but as for room, it is very adequate for an average build adult of above average size. I am very happy with my choice in kayaks. This boat is very fast in the water too. I could average 2 knots easily without hardly an effort. It glides on water like it’s on clouds.