Titanium (eggs falling asleep)

Has anyone here used a titanium frying pan with success?

I read the reviews in horror: It sounds like one failed undertaking after another. Now raw fish, now burnt. Burnt eggs that won’t come off the pan.

Armed with that, I just tried my first fried egg and it came out okay. But I did have to flip it a little early, and it did still brown a bit around the edge all the same. Just wondering if anyone else has tried it and had any luck.

It seems that the main
benefit of titanium is its light weight. It’s never been very good to cook with. Trade-offs, trade-offs.

ligth weight
Otherwise, titanium is bad choice for cooking - low thermal conductivity, low specific heat. So - develops hot spots and does not keep heat.

screw that
i could never cook on that stuff i dont care about weight give me a cast iron skillet or what ever consumers reports says is the best non stick pan this year

I Think I Understand
Tired of mama hitting you with that heavy iron skillet?

I didnt know that. I will stick with stainless steel. I have had my camping pots for over 10 years.

benefits of titanium
light weight, strength, heat dissipation properties. Wonderful material…for aircraft engines and Warthog fuselages. I had titanium bolts in my road bike when I raced; saved nearly an ounce for the price of 2 weeks pay, priorities perhaps a bit skewed back in the day. Heat dissipation property probably makes it lousy for cooking.

they’re not really made for cooking
IMO one of those products just made for gearheads to collect and crow about. I’m sure they have some use in mountaineering but otherwise I’d go with steel and the extra +/- grams of weight.

Eating raw/burnt crow
Guilty as charged. Used Gear Sale at REI this last weekend–gear head paradise. Book 'em, Danuu.

Great for backpackers
…if all you do is boil water, a TI pot is the shizznit…boil the water, mix the freeze dried, and you can pack the pot away quickly because it cools quickly…

Personally I use an anodized aluminum pot and pan…still keeps the weight down, but it’s a lot better for true cooking.

yeah, me too
But I have a great, barely used titanium cookset for sale!

I think I’ve got the hang of it
I think I’ve got down the art of the egg. Two days in a row now I’ve done sunny side up eggs and had them turn out well. You need butter, a low flame, and to move the pan a time or two. I’d be afraid to do scrambled eggs, though, or hash browns; you’d never clean off the mess.

scrambled eggs are for the commoners
You’ve mastered all that matters.

Who the hell cooks eggs on a trip?
Have used Ti for some years and love it for backcountry and kayaking. Inert in salt water, tough, light. Can’t imagine trying to fry eggs, but hey different strokes. Get a non-stick fry pan??

Who the hell cooks eggs on a trip
Probably people who like eggs

eggs are great for tripping
What other fresh protein stuff lasts for weeks without refrigeration and is so easy to cook? Eggs travel really really well if you know what to do with them and they taste great.

I second the cast iron…
Don’t fall into the hype about weight. If you are in a kayak or canoe, weight isn’t so much a factor as if you were hiking.

Paddle easy,