TN access question

I am new to TN and like to paddle creeks. I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on using bridges as access points. I tried to look up right of way/state ownership laws but could not find the info I was looking for. Basically can you launch a canoe at any state owned bridge in TN?

A little zone of public land surrounds a
bridge, and we use that. However, sometimes grouchy landowners prevail on the local sheriff to harass paddlers by ticketing or towing cars left along the road.

I recommend that you just do it. Problems are caused by folks that litter (paddlers, fishermen), folks that change in full view of passing cars, folks that interfere with passing traffic by parking stupidly or standing in the road, and folks that encroach on private land near the bridge.

I do the same
The banks underneath a bridge on a public road, and at least a few feet to either side are not privately owned.

You can also get quite a bit of information on recommended access points for various streams online. Try the Tennessee river information page on the American Whitewater website:

or the Walden Ridge Whitewater site:

If you are new to creeking in TN you might want to consider joining one of the local clubs in east TN for a year to connect with some other paddlers who are familiar with the local runs. A lot of runs in TN come up relatively infrequently, so someone who is gainfully employed might not have an opportunity to run a given stream for years. Most of the clubs have members who have been around long enough to have familiarity with even the most seasonal runs.

Club options are Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association (TSRA) around Nashville, Chota around Knoxville, Tennessee Valley Canoe Club (TVCC) around Chattanooga, and the APEs (Appalachian Paddling Enthusiasts) around the Johnson City area.

g2d is right
the bridges are useable, a lot of the rental co’s in tn use them. I would advise some caution, and if there isn’t a known access point (dirt road etc near bridge to water) just ask the local that owns the land near the bridge, they will appreciate it, if they see your respectful most will be cool with it, sometimes when otherwise wouldn’t just because you took the time to meet them, when i used to live in Illinois, sometimes we would take the older farmers etc in the country a fruit basket or something just as a token of appreciation, or if we caught some really good fish while out there would give them a couple as thanks

Thanks for the responses. Pretty much what I figured, but thought i’d ask anyways. Always good to ask.

Y’all fogetted ETWC in Oak Ridge TN

So happens theys bez meeting tonight.

East Tn Whitewater Club… The OLDEST paddln club in U.S.A.{that started as a WW club]

There is Chota, Knoxville Canoe and Kayak club!

What part of Tn are you in?