TN River Blueway Kayak Race

I know a few p.neters have done this race: is it doable in an ICF-k1? or has it ever done in one?

The TN river seems to move fast (based on time results) but I have never paddle it,…, planning on scout the river first, but I don’t know whether it’s worth it to take my k1.


Take it…
You will see Think, Fenn and other speed craft on the river…been twice to this race and it is worth the trip.

I do the race every year. I usually paddle my Mako, but last year, the venue was on the lake (1 year only venue) and I paddled my K1. On the TN River, a K1 is definitely a possibility, though if it’s a nice day, there might be a few recreational boats go by. I think they stop barges, at least one has never gone by during the race before. Also, closer to downtown, you will get wake from the water taxis and duckboats shuttling people around. Had a friend capsize his K1 once in that area. But it doesn’t have ridiculous current and eddies like the Mississippi, so if you’re very comfortable on your K1, it’s doable. I’ll be in my Mako.

oh great
well, I’ll definitely be in the Mako this year, because last night someone stole my Kirton K1 off the top of my car! bummer

inexplicably, the thief returned my kayak today with only minor damage… just a few scratches and chips!

WoW - I’m very sorry to hear that!!!
Hope “somehow” you can recover it… you might want to send a few e-mails to some of the key e-mail/distribution lists to create awareness… so if someone trys to sell it, it can be spotted it.

I guess he/she tried to paddle it!!!

Your Ski Speed
I found some race results. You did the 5.66 miles of the race in 31:14, that is shy of 12mph: I guess the conbination of a strong paddler and current. It might be too strong to take advantage of a k-1… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I think my Mako will prevail over my Vajda :smiley:

the distance
I think that time is from the first year when we started a bit further up the river… I think it ended up being 4-4.5 miles… something like that. Makes a big difference on the time! There has been some current some years, helps a bit. Helped the most the year we paddled up river then turned and came back. Whoever got to the turn point first could really hammer down and put the hurt on everyone still struggling up river.

…that changes a bit. Otherwise, it was like quite of a strong current!

based on your info (which is appreciated) it’s mostly based on boat traffic of which I don’t have a feel for…

Thanks again,