TN River Gorge

I’m planning a five day paddle trip through the tn. river gorge. anyone done it? how many miles per day? camping and time on the water is what i’m interested in. there is a great website at, but i want more details. i’d like to spend a chunk of the day in chattanooga, see the hunter, do some sightseeing, & etc. and still be able to get to a campsight before dark. so i need to know where to camp above Chattanooga so that I can arrive there by 9 or 10 ish, and when I need to leave to have a place to camp for the night, say 7:00 ish.

No, but
Never paddled it but it is on my list. You might want to contact They promote that area and can probably give you some info.

Contact Bill Hester
Last summer Bill Hester paddled through there on his way to the Gulf. Go to Paddling for a Purpose: Read all about how many miles a day he covered and where he camped. He even shows you his resources that he used to plan the trip. Drop him a line too. He’s be glad to talk to you about that area and his experience. Have fun!