Tn River near Chattanooga

We are looking for a good place to do a paddle/camp on the Tn River near Chattanooga. Does anyone know good put ins and take outs and possible shuttle opportunities.

may help…
…i know theres a kayak shop in knoxville area …it has " outdoors " in it’s name…try googling them up and emailing or calling them…theres the "little river trading ( something) north of maryville, tn ,they are more a canoe/ cyclery/ hiking shop, they may be of help.

That paddle shop in Chattanooga

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is on the river downtown at the base of the walking bridge.I think it is called Rock Creek.

Check here

Chattanooga Paddling
I would suggest you call Rock Creek Downunder (423-265-1836) they sell Paddling equipment and could give you some advice.



Not much “river” left in the TN River
The TN River near Chattanooga has been transformed forever for better or worse into a series of lakes. Chickamauga Lake extends well eastward and northeast of Chattanooga, and northeast of that is Watts Bar Lake. To the west of Chattanooga is Nickajack Lake.

That’s not to say you can’t paddle on them, but it will be a lake experience, not a river trip, and you will be sharing them with a lot of motor traffic and fishermen.

Rock Creek Outfitters can probably give you some advice.