To buy or not to buy

HELP! I have been chomping at the bit to buy my first kayak. I narrowed my choices down to a clear front runner and was planning on making the purchase at PaddleSport 2014. However, earlier today I found a 2008 demo model for sale (exact model and size that I want) at a cost that is 50% off from retail price. Looks like cosmetic blemishes only and is being sold by a highly reputable dealer - not private owner. The kicker is that I also had a strong preference on color and this demo model IS NOT IT. But how can I pass up a chance to buy the boat I want (used and wrong color aside) for about half the price I would pay at the show? I’m on the fence. Help!

the blems won’t matter
after a couple of river trips, you won’t even notice them. As far as color goes- do you want to look good or have more gas money to go paddling and have fun?

It’s the first kayak
Forget the color, save the money, and use the hell

out of it, paddle often, frequently, when you can.

THEN when you truly understand what you want;

go after it and sell the "“used blem” for a profit.

Forget the color
You will likely sell/dump that kayak within the next year. If not, make up a story. Your paddling experience will not depend on the color.

Go for it
I have never bought a kayak in the color that I liked. I got used to my two red kayaks and actually starting liking red. Then my next kayak I got a good deal but only in black/blue, I wanted the red of course.

Eventually we all look like circus clowns on the river wearing a blue PFD over a red paddle jacket with a yellow bladed paddle while sitting in lime green kayak with a bright orange bilge pump on the deck. Just add the goofy paddling hat and the look is complete.

The only place you should see a nice smooth kayak is at something like Paddlesport – one of the reasons to go is to touch and enjoy all the nice shiny kayaks.

Make sure it fits you properly, or can
be made to fit. A well fitted, properly trimmed craft will help you progress quicker.

Multi Kayak Owners
This will be the first of many girls you take to the dance. The love of your fist kayak will open your eyes to the alluring shape of your next love.

Always make sure to practice safe paddling.

How bad is the color? Will that color affect how much you use it? If it does, maybe it isn’t worth the discount.

What boat?
I looked at your profile and it includes “…Interested in starting up an adventure outfitter company.”

That means two things. One is that you need a boat that fits you properly and is designed to support learning skills like bracing, rolling, towing and on-water rescue for some paddling environment. Unclear whether that environment is whitewater of open water, regardless it is likely to be at least one of those.

But that means a sea kayak or a proper ww boat, not a rec or even many transition boats, if you want to have an easy learning curve. Without knowing what boat you are talking about, it is hard to comment.

The second is that by the time you achieve this goal you will have many boats anyway - the color of the first one is hardly going to matter. Nor does it matter that it is new, just that it suits your learning needs.

from one circus clown to another-

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I love that comment about how we all look on the river. He left out the hair. If only I *had* any hair, I would color it orange.

don’t forget the noseplugs!
Least they could do is patronize us, and make a noseplug that looks like a big red ball!

Go get it ASAP
I had my heart set on a white necky Eskia but couldn’t find one anywhere. Found this ugly orange for a hell of a deal and bit the bullet. Now I love it. I call it BOB - big orange boat! In the long run it’s a more visible boat and I have yet to see another one in NC.