To Cuba (Almost) by outrigger Canoe

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Ya gotta read this.....

WHERE did this guy come from?

His home page....(To answer my own question)...

Good stuff.

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I loved it. A good read. Thanks for the link.

Interesting questions about personal risk. I am all for people living their own lives.

Also - getting dumped sends men to sea, it seams. Check out "The Water in Between" for a story along that vein.

Maybe He’s Crazy…
Maybe he’s crazy for doing that…or maybe I’m crazy for not doing it…I’d call it an even money bet…

That guy rules.

I read that site a couple of years ago. Truly a fearless fellow. Maybe he just has his head on straight. No “Big Hairy Dog” stories there.

His Seattle to Alaska by outrigger canoe is a great trip too.