To duralight or Not

I am looking at buying a WS Pungo 120. Is the duralight worth the extra money. I am not concerned with the extra weight. I want what ever paddles better and is more durable.

normal rotomold…

Two dealers I know recommend

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the regular rotomolded models over the duralite. They claim the duralite is a little flimsy.

Roto tends to be sturdier…

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I tend to feel the same way about duralite - go with the rotomolded, buy nicer gear with the money saved. Also, Duralite doesn't have any UV inhibitors built in (how do you think they made it lighter?)

just say no

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I've never heard about lack of the UV inhibitors...I belive "duralite" is just thinner than normal roto plastic and the boats use light plastic reinforcements inside,kind of like whitewater boats do anyway. Anyway duralite is crap.