to make a video clip

I have a Garmin camera that takes excellent videos from my canoe. When I use MS Movie Maker to edit them, they turn out flickering.

Any suggestions on a different software to use?

Serif’s MoviePlus X6

– Last Updated: Jul-08-15 10:45 AM EST –

Relatively cheap but very good (but only 32 bit which OK too) . Kin do almost as much as a proofessional NLE such as Adobe Premier Pro (which ah' use mostly) but far, far, far, far less wampum ($80). An' de larnin' curve be much less too. MS MovieMaker is absolutootly limited ta de bottom basics - not o' any use fer me.


Setting for frame rate …
Most editing programs have a setting for frame rate. Good programs figure out what it is on their own without operator intervention. Check your camera specs and check the custom settings frame rate.

MS Movie Maker is really poor.