To prevent losing your kayak or canoe would this work?

Hide it in your kayak with some tape.

Useless to me. I travel in lots of places where a cell phone is just a small brick.
Like at home. Without a network extender the cell phone does not work.

Some reviewers claim it’s not waterproof. And you have to be in close range.

Detection range is only about 100 feet. The “Tile” Sport model at $35 is waterproof and has a range of 200 feet. You can get 4 of them for $100. Been around for a few years and supposedly have pretty good customer support and functional software.

But with such a limited range you are not likely to locate a stolen boat with such devices. They are better suited for keeping track of keys in your house or lost pets in a neighborhood

100 feet I couldn’t track my keys in the back yard.

Probably need something more like a SPOT Trace
If I did traditional rentals I’d likely bolt one of these to each of the kayaks to be able to monitor on google maps.

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That looks great. I know people put things in heavy equipment to track it and even service it.

I’ve lost my keys many times and this could be a great option for that, but I’ve never “lost” a canoe or kayak. I suspect in the case where your boat is stolen, that vast majority of thieves don’t want your boat. They want to sell your boat and will remove it as far away from where it was stolen as quickly as possible. They aren’t going to stop at tne nearest 7-Eleven for a sandwich with your boat on thier roof. The lmited range of these devices probably won’t be very helpful for recovering a stolen boat

An alarm for movement would be good.

Just get it (them) listed on your insurance policy.

Probably not strong enough for finding a boat. per above. But if you are constantly losing keys in your house, they are offering a deal for the holiday to get five devices for the price of three. I just bookmarked it after having to go out with my spares twice in a week.