To Sell...foldable canoes

We were pleased with the quality and the stability of this craft. We used ours three to 4 times on lakes upstate NY and were superbly satisfied with its maneuverability and buoyancy. There were three of us in the canoe and it had room to include lunch, snacks, drinks, and other essentials with no problem. The only one problem we had is that it was difficult on our backs, to put it together. We labeled all the poles to make it easier to assemble. We didn’t realize that our age, 73, would make a difference but if we were younger than 65, we would want to keep it and use it more. This is the reason we are selling ours which includes lots of extras, because we intended to keep it forever. I placed it in this site but did not hear anything from anyone and will try to post it again. Otherwise, this was really a hardy canoe for use and transport abroad, by air, or by land. We are selling it for $2500 bottom price. We have lots of pics of what is in the boxes we packed away. 631-281-8202 and leave a message. Delivery cost paid by buyer.

A brand name and photos will help.

You will have a very hard time selling at those terms.

I have to agree. We bought a PakBoat 170 some years ago for $500 in good shape. You should put it in classifieds and adjust price according to feedback.

Any used canoe at 2500 is a hard sell, unless you happen to find someone that was looking for that model (which we have no idea of what it is) and there is an existing wait list.

Your bottom needs to be more bottom…

I just acted as an intermediary for the sale of an 1980’s era 18’ Ally folding canoe that was fully usable but only lacking the seats (which could be replaced through Ally for around $250.) The seller’s price was $300. A new 18’ Ally is around $3000, by the way and a Pakcanoe 170 is $2440. So few people are going to buy a used large folding canoe for what you are asking when they can buy new (and have the security of a warranty) for the same or or a little more.

It is always a disappointment when one invests a lot of money in a boat that proves unsatisfactory for one’s use. Those of us who have owned, bought and sold many boats grow to understant this. but the market pricing for even pristine used paddle craft tends to be 20% to 50% less than the original price when new.

And as one who has owned 9 folding boats (most bought used and 3 sold to date) finding ANY buyer for such craft is difficult and a low price is usually the only option to dispose of them. You probably would want to post the canoe in the “want ads” for the best chance at finding a potential buyer.