to wax or not to wax?

That is the question! Glass yak and it stays on my roof rack hull side up 90% of the time. Not due to lack of space, due to the fact there is so much water, fresh and salty where I live and the spur of the moment opportunities to paddle.

So, if I need to wax the hull and deck, would any boat wax be OK? Would a coat of wax at least provide some UV protection?

best stuff you can find. I just use good car wax, once or twice a year. you may want to do more often.


So does the oft mentioned , discussed,
and maligned 303.

I have used 303 on my poly yak about 4 times a year for the last 3 years. It too stayed on the roof rack alot. Still looks great except for all the scratches.

The poly boat seemed to suck the stuff up. Didn’t think it would work on the Skua.

The best UV protection is …
a cover that blocks sunlight completely. No wax or 303 is as good as a physical sun block. And it is not that big a deal to throw a cheap tarp over your boat on top of your vehicle.

True, if I had to park my boat on my
car in the sun most of the week, I would use a cover. There are even good custom covers for covering boats while driving, but in that case I prefer not to put up with the wind-rumple and the aerodynamic loss.

I can’t seem to find comparative data on the UV resistance of 303, McNetts, and the best boat waxes that claim some UV resistance. Is the apparent lack of such data an indication that we would be disappointed if we saw it?

big boats
big f/g cruisers and sailboats are stored outside year around with only wax (or not) and last for years and years and years. the ones that are waxed regularly look real good.

a cover would be a PITA, IMO.


Those are gelcoat boats, no?
I have to protect boats where the resin and cloth are right at the surface. The builders (Bluewater, Dagger, Millbrook) put a thin layer of colored epoxy paint or resin at the surface, but that layer can’t have the lasting properties of gelcoat.

store em
cockpit down? or a travel cover?


They’re stored. The UV issue only
arises when one of them is racked on the car for paddles of opportunity. That’s why I wish we had more objective data on UV protection from waxes and coatings that promise it.

Flagship Premium boat wax. I love the stuff. So do my glass boats.

If you use wax or any kind of grease-based products on scratches/damages, it will not be easy to repair it!.

Flagship Premium boat wax.
I second the Mequires. If needed, remove wax with an automotive type wax & grease remover. Get it from any body shop supply store.


I do require the gel to be removed, usually with a grinder or sandpaper. Not much wax makes it thru this treatment.

I always clean area with acetone before the resin/epoxy/whatever hits the f/g, as well.


Should this be on B&B?


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Wax if for bikinis
Wax will slow your boat in the water. Try 303 on the hull. Better, get a boat bag from the baglady.

get a boat bag from the baglady
Got a link?