To Wax or Not to wax .....

Here is a question I have thought long and hard about.

Do you need to wax a fiberglass canoe ?

We have a great Cadorette Canoe its very dull looking do we wax it ?

303 on a clean surface.

Very good rating but water soluble. Not immediately but next week. Do not soak.

Clean apply let sit in mild sun no roasting for a week.

works on older strapping, a clean and rained on windshield during rain…wipe wipers clean beforehand.

dry suit gaskets…almost everyone with a dry suit would have 303

I have a black nose Ford Econoline…toothbrush in on the grille after brush cleaning. Parking and tail light covers.

The silicone penetrates and fills surface cracks preventing a large percentage of surface degrade AND !

less light reflection loss with a vastly improved smooth surface.

The surface clarity improvement with a careful and prepared light rain application is remarkable.

Light rain will wash off excess on glass surface while leaving 303 in glass cracks.

Yes, go for it . Treat it like any other fiberglass boat. Will last much longer than any spray on shine.

I would buff it first…
Waxing a dull surface will just make a mess.

Me too

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What Greyhawk said.

Wax lol
Haven’t used wax on anything in over 10 years. That includes my car, Klasse anything less is a joke

marine wax ?

a submarine info site !

with ‘answers’ for several readers.

gurgle gurgle

Mothers synthetic wax may work for a time

and there’s a wax test with a search for: marine wax


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303 on the Ford's grille is a test area on cleaned vertical surface occasionally exposed to driving rain.

303 holds as well over time in those conditions as Mothers Synth on the paint above windshield.

303 loses the shine but as applied with a week's strong sun drying period continues protecting as a dull film lasting over 6 months.

I'm into the kayak area soon so I'll throw water on it check for beading. Soaking hatch strapping gives ongoing flexibility over no treatment as in the water every day.

303 is shortcut with the chalk and oxidation falling short of cleaning the chalk/dull/oxidation off with polish/cleaner and buffing. There's polish and polish/cleaner....cleaner's more abrasive.

With plastics there's probably a liquid for after cleaning before 'wax' or 303...flushing debris out of very very small cracks left under the chalk.


beads on the very lightly oxidized Solstice hull after 30 hours in water, 20-30 days truck roof no coat, 2 years in garage. On top of the hull.

…the hell does all that mean? Your fragmentary posts, meandering around without, um, I lost my train of, uh, callipygous, german potato salad? hydrodynamics…

Try to write a complete sentence once in a while.

this is a human powered water vehicle forum not an English criticism area.

I have a degree. The 100 books read.

The poster asked for information on restoring or protecting older fiberglass.

You need remedial reading ?

The Aston
Martin factory OUAT brought NYC Auto Show cars to the King of Prussia who repainted for the show. The eggplant DB was braced against a velour rope. WOW !

Bicycle people do paint. $aint. Incroyable.

XXXX ! I could not ride a week not ripping a huge gouge in their $aint.

On the other member, the chalk hides the cracks, cracks fill like badly tended potholes ( DOT) so fragmented sentence, buffing and waxing or treating is best. Also costs a few bucks.

But the effort is rewarding. A shiny well cared for surface is always stealable.

Spell incomprehensible.
More quality needed, less quantity.

Millbrook recommends using a high
quality yacht wax with a UV inhibitor on Millbrook hulls. My personal belief is that yacht wax protection lasts longer than 303.

means the garage is on top of the hull
can you not read?


"I will gouge or steal your shiny possessions"

I use 3M Marine cleaner & wax
on all of my fiberglass boats.

"means the garage is on top of the hull

can you not read?"

Wrong. It means the truck was on it’s roof, in the water, for 20-30 days.

The hull was somewhere else, reading books to get a degree on riding shiny painted bicycles.

It’s really not that hard to understand.

Thanks for the correction, I see it now!