Tobermory to Owen Sound on the Bruce

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I’m looking forward to a week-long kayaking trip on the east side of the Bruce Penisula from Tobermory, ON to Owen Sound, ON (or vice versa).

Any one on p-net with information on campsites along this route? It looks like alot of Park land and private land, and I’m not finding much internet information on-water campsites.

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Tobermory area
There are several campsites (on platforms) on Flowerpot Island when I was there a few years ago. However, you should know that Beachy Cove isn’t a beach - it’s all rocks.

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I’ve discovered a trip report on the Thorncrest Outfitters website. They list this specific trip with the campsites for each leg.

Not much wilderness/backcountry camping allowed in this area. You have to hope for the park campsites or use private campgrounds, due to alot of park and/or private land in the area.

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McKay’s Harbour - Bruce Penninsula
One free camping site along the Bruce Penninsula is McKay’s Harbour which is just south of the town of Lion’s Head. It’s been a few years since we camped there on an overnight hike. I think it was about 2 hours to hike from the campsite on the water into the town of Lions Head carry packs. I’m guessing that the paddling time would be similar. There are a few pictures of the area (not from my trip) at this link:



Cool photos, you get a real sense of the coast from your photos. The Reeds Dump photo is really helpful.


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I second emantol - thanks for the info. Great pictures too!


Bruce Peninsula Trip Report
Perhaps you would find this cautionary tale of the trip my paddling partner and I had in this area last summer useful: “GEORGIAN BAY TRIP REPORT: BRUCE PENINSULA AND FATHOM FIVE NATIONAL PARKS”

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For the good information and analysis of the risks. The links are very helpful too.

Thanks for sharing!