Toccoa River Canoe Trail Shuttle...?

I am thinking of paddling the Toccoa River Canoe Trail next weekend and was wondering if anyone has done this trip and what they did about shuttling.

The float appears to be around 14 miles and I am having a hard time finding local shuttle services. Anyways, if anyone has anyone can recommend any shuttles, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

There is an outfitter at Swan, though
I have not checked to see how flexible their shuttle service may be. At least you should be able to run from Deep Hole to Swan and get shuttle for that section, unless the outfitter is a complete financial idiot.

For the lower section, if you put in at the Sandy Bottoms access and paddle all the way down past Aska and onto the lake, you can cut back up a creek on the right side, and you have a fairly easy 2 mile road walk back to Sandy Bottoms.

NOTE: We are having a sever drought in Georgia. Do not run the Toccoa if it is under 300 cfs on the gauge, as you will have too long a day running the entire Toccoa River Trail. You can go to to check the Toccoa River gauge.