today's adventure

-- Last Updated: Oct-12-15 9:41 PM EST --

I did some saltwater fishing for the first time this year (and probably last, considering how late in the season it is). I was in a protected area in my tandem canoe. I was in the back fishing and controlling a trolling motor and someone else was in the front steering. I was about 200 yards from the beach. I saw a 20 lb fish jump clear out of the water, and a massive school of about a million (literally) bait fish.

The challenge was dealing with larger waves, especially wakes from boats while playing a fish. I'd like to do this solo next year and wonder how I'd align the boat and/or brace while playing a fish.

Bow into waves.
When possible, point the bow into oncoming waves. If they’re not big waves, and if you are loose in the waist and can keep your center of gravity over the centerline of the boat regardless of the boat’s position to the horizon, you can probably handle any smaller waves in whatever position so long as you are expecting them.