Today's fishing outing on a big reservoir in Richmond, Virginia

What a great time I had this morning with my sister, who showed me around the big reservoir in the southwestern suburbs of Richmond, VA (Chesterfield Co). We went to Swift Creek Reservoir with our kayaks and I naturally brought along my fishing pole to “troll” while I paddled along.

As seen in the photos, we had a blast and started out around 9:30 this morning. It got HOT quickly, so around 11:45 - 12:00 noon, we called it quits and paddled back in, even with SPF 90 sunblock on.

Does anyone use the center rod holder, or do you use either of the two in back of the seat? I’d be afraid of losing my rod & reel if I put it behind me and a big size bass hit a crankbait, and pulled the whole kit & kaboodle right out of my kayak!

Anyway… Check out these photos. The reservoir was like glass early in the morning. NO GAS POWERED MOTORS. The reservoir is (max) 20’ deep near the treatment plant/outflow dam at the end, but it’s loaded with smallmouth bass!

Isn’t this beautiful!! This was right as we launched at around 9:30am this morning. Not a soul around and the reservoir was like glass!

My sister in the foreground showing me around, as I was getting my rod & reel setup. She has a really cool self-inflating PFD, that blends right in with her clothes. I want to buy one of those, instead of my bulky waterskiing PFD…

A beautiful gentle breeze picked up and made it a little more bearable in the heat.

In closing, I caught 4 (well… 5, but it wriggled off the hook) small baby smallmouth bass and tossed them all back in.

Rapala floating minnow lure (blue & silver) – caught 2 on it.
My homemade spinner lure from one of those “kits” you buy off Amazon – caught 2 more on it. You can see it in that one photo when I was getting my stuff ready.

Fishing from a kayak is so much fun and so relaxing! I’m “hooked” :rofl: :sunglasses:

Looks like a great time, plus you got a meal out of it!

There are specific life vests made for paddlers. They’re not at all bulky and there’s a vast selection. I don’t have the courage to wear an inflatable because I know of instances where they failed.

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It looks like a fine day on the water. Somehow it even looks hot in your pics. Lots of folks seem to like the Astral V8 as a well-ventilated PFD; that’s what I wear. If you get an inflatable PFD I suggest you consider the Mustang brand since I think that’s the best quality and I think some professionals use them. I also suggest that you buy 2-3 extra inflation cartridges so you can try it out at least once before you ever have to use it in an emergency.

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