Toggle Bolts Instead of Screws or Rivets

Has anyone used toggle bolts to secure handles, cleats, eye pads, hooks, etc.? I was wondering if a toggle bolt would give extra security and not rip out? A bigger hole would have to be drilled, but rubber gaskets and silicone glue can help to reduce or stop any leaking. Right? My yaks are SOT, so I’m not able to reach under the other side to secure a washer and nut. Rivets w/o washers are just as likely to pull out.

In a couple of days I’m going to be rigging some new kayaks with lots of extras for fishing and would like to have some input from more experienced boaters. Perhaps, I’m over thinking it?

well nuts
Some pop rivets are designed to butterfly open like these:

I would probably use well nuts:

Go With The Well Nuts
That’s what the manufacturers use.

I had no idea there were rivets and well nuts that expand on the back side. Thanks so much! I’ll see what I can find at Lowe’s.

Try McMaster-Carr
Your fastener superstore.

Thanks, again!
I’ll google and see what they have.

It’s highly unlikely…
…that you’ll find anything at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Try this link…

Thumb up!
McMaster-Carr is the way to go. Great prices!