toilet time

Just to spark conversation.

While sitting in your kayak away from land.

How do you go to the toilet?

Do you use a sponge a container???


That’s why you never drink out of my
smoke colored nalgene with all the old duct tape on it…

Hey a…
…bedpan must really screw up your CG…

toilet time
do you know anbody who works in a hospital? ask for a patient urinal. since urinal opening is angled upwards you can go even without putting your paddle down.

If I’m going out…
…on a trip like that, I borrow my buddy’s boat.

So THATS what
that ugly thing is for! I just thought you were really tough on gear and too cheap to replace it!


(good to see ya over here Mike)

Don’t drink your buddy’s beer before
you boat.

Or you could go in his boat, and then pour one of his Bud Lites in the bilge to mask the smell. Mass produced domestic beers smell about the same, coming or going.

tsunamichuck uses a cathater
but I’m too afraid of breaking the tube

Hang it over the side
You butt, I mean, unless you’re REALLY well-endowed. Raft up with a buddy, have him/her stabilize your boat, throw a leg over the other hull, slide your butt over the water, and let fly. Saves having to live with it. Works for Number 2, also, but let’s not talk about that.


An old oval shampoo bottle
cut down at an angle from one shoulder of the bottle to the other side.

on another forum:

the left a trace group…

don’t forget to round off the sharp edges

Sponge and don’t
Drink coffee in the morning ofnthe paddle



Travel John…
Unisex urinal…converts urine into a gel…

here’s an idea

That crazy astronaut could have saved herself the diapers.

you just made my day!!

now can I borrow your boat?

Paddle a SOT. Several relief holes.