Tom Bell Design X-citer Wabash Valley

I guess this is a racing canoe, circa 1980? Made of fiberglass or kevlar? Not sure what the foam circles glued to the floor are for, nor the aluminum rack and the toggle in the floor are for?

Any info would be apprecited!

Have more photos but paddle won’t let me load them

The foam cutouts are food/drink holders. The floor apparatus is a bailer, it opens a little trapdoor in the floor and lets bilge water run out while you paddle.

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As said it is a bailer , not a rack. To deploy lift up the bail and push the ramp down. The bailer usually has a little door at the back of the ramp that restricts back flow when down and not moving forward, ie stopped or backing. . But they often didn’t work and leaked. It requires forward movement to create enough venturi suction to pull the water out. Used to install these in the 1970s in Y-flyers, one design scow sailboat. They sometimes leak when up, closed, whether you are moving or not. When down they add a little drag. So when sailing in light air we had to make the decision on drag vs water weight, open or closed. I liked 'em.

Epics have a version of this. Similar but not same.

Looks like the floor, deck, wood has been patched.

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