Tom ,I have a new companion

Tom ,we just acquired a 7 month old STD Poodle. We still miss Reina and we’re nutz.
I’ve been thinking kayak dog but she’s way too big already. Biggest dog we’ve ever had and still growing. I thought I was done with canoes.
OTOH, she might like a motor boat.

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One of my friend’s miniature poodle use to be a drinking buddy.

Congrats! Love standards! Comical and intelligent. Sure miss mine.

Congratulations string, that’s fantastic. I bet you two will have a lot of good times together.

Pic shows Zoey this morning laying there ignoring me while I’m telling her to jump in the boat.

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Big Lilly and Little Lilly. We’ve had BL for a day. LL is 13 .


Amber eyes

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Wife had both retrievers out yesterday. But you’d have to have a bigger boat. ( 80#, 50#) She paddled a tandem “solo” .

That’s a full size puppy. Looks like she’d enjoy getting wet.

I hope so Tom. Right now she doesn’t like wet grass but she was raised in a kennel. A bit of a problem since she thinks she should poop on a hard floor and not grass. We’ll work that out.
The little dog died this morning but she had had heart problems for a year.
One.of our cats has adopted this one.

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Jim, I’m sorry to hear Lilly died, but you knew it was coming. I would hear her coughing over the phone lately. Looks like good timing with your new girl. That should help.

Sexually transmitted diseased poodle? who’d want one of those?!?!

I’m sorry to hear about your loss string.

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Thanks guys. Little Lilly was way past due. It’s a shame that Big Lilly lost her companion. I discovered a long time ago that dogs do better with another dog for a buddy.
This morning the crazy woman I live with semi suggested that we get another for Big Lilly.

My aunt and (German) uncle had a Dachshund named Fritz and a German Shepherd named Smokey. They got Smokey when Fritz started to get old. Turns out Fritz made it to 23 and outlived Smokey.

We have young cats and now a puppy. They could all outlive us. We have kids who love animals.

A standard is a big dog. Better do some training that dog can knock you down and go for a drag. With you being the drag.

They are good dogs. They were originally hunting dogs . They are “gun” dogs. They can be trained as retrievers and some compete in hunt test competitions.

Yes they can. Her forerunner, Reina, was the smartest dog we ever had and Big Lilly seems to be same.
She is powerful and getting more so but she is very careful not to run over people.