Tomahawk Canoe?

I was looking for information on this canoe as I just bought it today. It is almost identical to a Sportspal or Radisson Canoe in design with the sponsons on the side, foam filled interior and ribs. Very light at 14’ - estimate 55 to 60 lbs. Double ended - the interesting thing is that it has a welded in curved piece of metal with a built in motor mount. It was bought in 1975, used for a few years and stored in a garage for 35 years. I’ve owned 2 square stern Radissons and one Sportspal. I’m very familiar with the design. They make a nice lightweight choice for fishing but not paddling so much. Since I’ve been in the sit on top craze (much preferred for me) for about 15 years now, I’m welcoming the option of a trolling motor for a canoe - basically I paddle to fish but enjoy the paddling too. Long story short, this canoe was manufactured in Parker, Pa. It supposedly is in the northwestern part of the state with a population of about 832 near the Allegheny River. On Wikipedia it has been referred to as the smallest city in the USA. I haven’t turned up any information on the Tomahawk canoe company or their canoes. It looks like I’m going to have some interesting fishing trips ahead with this vintage canoe. If anyone is at all familiar with the Tomahawk canoe, please let me know. I’m delighted to have paid only 300 bucks for this as a new sports pal would run maybe a couple hundred over a grand.

Well here’s some pics anyway, looks just like a Sportspal. Built in motor mount, got a great deal.

Hi there the story I’ve been told since I was a little kid by my grandfather who lived up the river from parker. The owner of tomahawk went to my grandfather asked him to design a canoe that was untipable. The end result was this canoe here. The man eventually retired left the business to his son. He turned it into sports pal company instead. That’s why they look so much alike. I’m not sure where Radisson came into the picture because they are identical too. I’ve have a tomahawk myself it was my grandfather’s that got passed on to me. Im actually trying to seal a few small leaks up right now had to fix the seats also. It’s got a lot of time on the river since I was a kid I’m sure it was well used before me too.

Wow, it looks like a piece of military hardware, lol!

Just found your post. I’ve got a bead on a Tomahawk that needs complete rebuilding. Will Sportspal liner, ribs, sponsons, seats all fit a Tomahawk? Thanks.

Yes most likely but contact them. I ordered seats from them but I had to measure about where the seats would be front and back and they will custom make them for you. Also ask them about the other things you mentioned, you might have to give them more dimensions. They are good to deal with and my seats fit just right once I installed them. Repainted, bought a trolling motor, battery and charger but ended up selling because I couldn’t cartop the right way with my kayak saddles in place. Worth fixing but contact Sportspal :slight_smile:

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