Too cloudy to view the Geminids

I am super bummed. After many nights of clear, cracklingly cold temps (like 9 degrees F or barely above), tonight is…overcast. :s

Someone who sees them tonight, please post your observations.

location: Near downtown Jacksonville, FL
light overcast to clearing later

the past few pre-dawn mornings, I’ve been seeing 2 or 3 (in a span of about 2 hours)
This morning saw 4 or 5.
Note: they were all very bright - due to being in the ‘lights’ of the city - these are all I could see, I’m sure I missed ever so many dimmer ones.

Thanks for the report. I checked NASA’s live feed a couple of times. Only saw one meteor on it, but I didn’t watch for long.

It was overcast in Maryland for the Perseids and Leonids, and the forecast called for overcast skies for the Geminids, too. Then I had a death in the family and had to go to Florida. In Florida, it was clear. It was after 10 before I could get away. I drove about 20 miles to Blue Cypress Lake to get away from the city lights, parked the truck, stretched out in the open bed of the truck and enjoyed the show. I saw a hundred or two hundred meteors in a few hours before I passed out.

Most were simple streaks of light. Some where tinted red, blue or green. I saw one that must have broken apart and split into three or four streaks. I only remember one other meteor viewing that impressed me more: the Perseids I viewed from Moosehead Lake back in the 90’s.

Maybe with meteor showers, it’s about the conditions. Clear weather and dark skies really made these Geminids pop for me. I was awakened in the wee hours and drove back to Vero Beach. I even saw a meteor while driving along in the truck when I wasn’t looking for them. That’s a bright meteor!