too cold to fish

the sun has been out but the water temps are dangerous. the wind makes for even lower temps. all i want to do is get outside for a few hours. toss a line or take a hike. dang it when do the small mouth start biting again?

ummm , is this a hint ??
… would you settle for strolling some antiques shops today ??

Wind chills are reading 14 F. degrees right now :-0

I like fishin those smallies as much as the next , but they have all gone to Florida for the winter I think !!

Florida is wonderful
Just got back. Sad to have to leave it, In spite of all the over developement it still has too things that are hard to beat. 1) It is warm! 2) The inlet off Stuart has a reef break just outside!

It was like returning to paradise for a few days.

thanks honey
it was nice to get outside.

Smallies bite all year
It takes a long time to find them, and then a long time to present to them, but if you can get bit in the winter you’re going to have a big hog of a fish on the line.

picks bite all year too i think. it’s just that the water temps are too cold to be out there and i don’t have the right gear. i’m still a newbie and don’t have experience enough for cold water. i did get to see 2 immature goldens yesterday.

never too cold
Just drill a hole in the ice.

I guess you could pull your canoe around the ice behind a truck or snowmobile if you really want to.

i saw
the severn river up close thursday. it’s frozen but as you leave shore it gets less frozen. i saw seagulls landing on thier bellies, sliding a few feet and taking off again. it looked like they were playing a game.

I paddled on Saturday
You bet I’m going to go back to that spot in the spring and summer with a fly rod and a spinning rod. I saw spots that just ached for a fly presentation, and some others that practically required a grub to be cranked through them, not to mention some real good tube-dragging water for big ol’ fat fishies.

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i saw
an oriental guy fishing the conowingo yesterday. i had to ask him if any thing was biting. he said no he was just fishing for fun. hours later when he left i told him he had paid his dues for that spot and would prob. catch a big fish there in the spring. we were looking at some great bald eagles there. it’s a fun trip. the kids would like it. especially if they have binocculars.