Too heavy for a Currituck?

what’s the Currituk going to do that
the Gulf won’t? don’t say speed, their will be only theoretical difference that you won’t be able to detect.

Good question.
Provided that the Gulfstream fits, what is the Currituck offering that the G doesn’t provide? Try padding out the G it’s a great boat.

I considered that …
It made sense for me to move to a boat that doesn’t need so much padding out for me to feel like I’m connected to it. I wanted a narrower boat with less volume and a lower front deck. The Currituck has a better and more comfy overall fit, it’s made well, tracks great, and I got a smokin’ trade-in deal that made it a lot easier on the wallet.

ah, makes sense now
trading boats for better fit and comfort will always aid your paddling. i have the Ass and quite like it. great fit for me, especially with the new foam seat i custom made. enjoy.