Too heavy for a Currituck?

I am considering an Impex Currituck, and just ran across an old post that has me reconsidering, based on my weight.

I weigh about 210 lbs, 5’10", I almost never do overnight trips, and my total onboard “kit” never amounts to more than about 10-15 lbs.

Am I just too heavy for a Currituck? It fits me fine, but I don’t want to get into a boat that doesn’t handle my size very well - if I’m right at or past it’s limit and not able to see the boat’s potential.

The previous post I mentioned said that 120-180 lbs. plus “overnight kit” (what, 30-40 lbs?) for a Currituck was their benchmark.


Absolutely NOT…good boat.

Check the Impex website
I don’t know who and or why anyone would say that boat’s sweet spot for paddlers was 120 to 180#. Impex says the suggested paddler weight is between 150 and 220#. So it will obviously carry a 220# paddler and a fair amount of camping gear so you in no way will overload it on day trips or even camping trips. In my experience Impex gives good figures regarding suggested paddler weights. If only manufacturers would provide the design displacement for boats, but only some kit suppliers do it.

You’re spot on!
I use only Impex in my instructional fleet and the two flagship models are the Currituck and the Assateague. For someone your size I’d say the Currituck is exactly right. Now if you happen to be a tippy person (note: not a tippy boat) then the Assteague might be better, but I usually use the Assteague for bigger people both height and weight wise.

Go with your choice of the Currituck.

Wonderful boat. IMHO

See you on the water,


I think it was …
… flatpick (Steve?) that posted that a few years back. It sounded like he was working at a kayak store at the time and was selling Impex boats, and he had some body weight guidelines for thee different models.

ok …
I don’t think I’m a tippy person in the boat. But, I have a Gulfstream now and it feels really very stable, but then, it IS stable, and pretty wide too. I almost bought the Andromeda a few years back, and at the time it felt tippier, but I was fairly new at it.

I’d like to get a boat that’s a bit narrower and not as tall. I just don’t want to get into a Currituck and then realize later that I’m right at the boat’s weight limit, and be wallowing around in the water with a boat that wasn’t meant to hold me. It’s likely too that over the winter I’ll drop some weight - usually happens. thanks…

Force 3 or 4?
As long as you’re considering Impex, why not try out their newest boats? Word has been very positive.

I did …
There was something about the fit in the Force 5 relative to my thighs that I didn’t like as much. It felt too tight - can’t remember if it was a 4 or 5. Maybe I should give it another try though.

Deck height

– Last Updated: Aug-25-06 11:40 AM EST –

The Force 4 can feel a bit low if you have muscular legs. I fit in it fine but I've found that the extra deck height of the Force 5 is rather nice for foot room and I seem to be able to edge the boat harder over than the Force 4. Keep in mind that I'm 200lbs. at about 6' so a different dimension person will have different reactions to the fit and feel. Best thing to do is to go try them. Doing anything Sat. eve.? Going paddling, not that that's surprising. ;)

See you on the water,

I finally got a good demo …

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... with a Currituck today for about an hour or so. 2-3 ft. swells along with slightly confused water outside the surf area, nicely-breaking beach waves, lots of wind.

For the first time my boat felt like an extension of my hips and legs instead of something that I'm sitting inside of (if that makes sense?). I felt really connected to the Currituck. My Gulfstream (which I've always liked) now feels sorta like skiing downhill with my boots unbuckled, sorta a bit floppy and roomy, whereas the Currituck felt like the boots are snugged up firm, and I can feel the terrain, edge when I want, react quickly with small movements, etc.. More precise feeling.

It also seemed that the Currituck didn't broach as easily as the Gulfstream does in following swells/wind, or when the swells pick up speed/height at the beach. I had some fun coming in fast on some rudder braces! Dropping the skeg a bit farther out felt like I was on a rail.

Maybe the Currituck felt just a tad less rock-stable than my GS, but at the same time, it didn't feel UNstable - maybe more "lively" is a better word for it. It never felt tippy - just more lively.

Rear deck bungie rigging on the Currituck seemed a little spartan, but maybe it's just a different way of using them.

I hope I ain't too big for this boat, because think I'm gonna buy one - they're offering me a very good trade-in deal. I can get a white on white with orange trim/seat, or lime green on white with yellow trim/seat. Not sure which yet. I also need a different Snapdragon neo skirt.

maybe me
think my pitch was…

Montauk- size s

Currituck size M

Assateague size L


i would think that anyone up to 220 would be fine, provided they fit. and I would guess top weight load somewhere around 300-50.



and you
are asking the list???

buy it already.


nice talking with you. (nt)

It’s your boat!
Sounds like the Currituck put a smile on your face --BUY THE BOAT!

Paddle it
Before you buy…try. You test drive a car first before you buy it. Go out a try one first. Then YOU decide.

go for it
I’m your size and also paddle a Gulfstream. I have paddled the Currituck and the fit was fine.

I’m headed over today …
I wasn’t waffling on buying the boat (headed over this morning) - I was waffling on the critically-important “which color” decision!


Mmm …
white on white with orange trim/seat!

Save the green lime for your margarita

What about the Susquehanna?
I would think that would fall somewhere between the Currituck & Assateague. But so far the silence is deafening. What about the Susquehanna? Anything wrong with that?

(I ask because I’m curious myself)

Susquehanna=Different Animal
Somewhat smaller cockpit (different shape not so much as different dimensions) with a thicker coaming/thigh braces. Lots of rocker! Spins on a dime like an Avocet or Elaho DS. With the skeg tracks dead on. A little slower than the Currituck. Which is better, gotta get in and see which boat makes you smile more.

See you on the water,