Too light for a K1?

hi all, I picked up a used olympic style k1 which is about 16" wide and supposedly for paddlers 150-180lbs. i’m about 135lbs and feel like the boat is so unstable no amount of practice will make a difference. i remember my first surfski (v10) and the steep learning curve. i’m on a stellar SES now (17") and feel pretty confident in it. So i thought the K1 would be another learning curve moment but it so tippy i really can’t make it more than a few strokes before going over. feels like my center of gravity is way too high, i’m hoping it’s simply that my weight is wrong for this boat. is my assessment right or are K1s just so inherently unstable? if let a few gallons of H2O in the boat it does feel more stable, not quite to the point i’d be comfortable with it, but leads to believe my hunch is right. any thoughts?

What level of K1 stability do you have? Or what model?

“Stability 1” K1’s have essentially a round hull with a little flair above the waterline, which means they inherently have almost no stability.

A stellar SES is reported to have very good stability for a 17" boat (probably due to a flatter bottom)

Is your K1 significantly more round than the SES? If so, that would explain the large stability difference but relatively small beam difference.

In this case, would a trainer k1 or Stab3 be appropriate? Or if sticking with skis, the Stellar SEA is 16" and has a flat-ish hull which makes it more approachable on flat water.

Huki and some others also make 16" skis which are great because they’re remountable, vs a K1 which is mandatory swim to shore

Also volume is key for K1s, so knowing what volume level your boat is key for successful gear choice. Most K1s are made in a few sizes and getting the right size is key to proper function and enjoyment

Nothing wrong using some ballast if that makes it stable enough.
Some boats are designed that way to comply with the competition rules regarding (total) boat weight.