Too many boats? No, too many pictures!

In spite of the song, having too many boats actually isn’t my problem. I have 8 boats, and regularly paddle 5 of them - reasonable to me. I do tend to hoard pictures though. They end up on my desktop or in the download file, and I just can’t seem to delete them, even after I copy them into a trip file somewhere else. It drives my wife crazy and slows down the computer, so I finally started to clean things up, but ended up making a video instead.

Too Many Boats? from Erik Eckilson on Vimeo. The pictures are still on my computer - haven’t deleted any of them. I do like the song by [Jerry Vandiver]( "Jerry Vandiver"), even if it isn’t true in my case.

I am off this week and would love to paddle, but it is going to be real cold - temps not above the 20’s with wind. We’ll see.

Great song and video! I’m at my lowest inventory in a few years, only 4 . Of course , I’m thinking of another.


mmmm…there were nine…took a project boat down and gave it to the neighbor …now there are eight. …oh wait I forgot the dog’s kayak,…there are nine again. Its only too many if the government inacts registration for paddle boats.

Enjoyed the video but made my knees hurt.

What fun! And what an appropriate song! Loved it - thanks.

P.S. Get thee a 16TB portable hard drive.

@Rookie said:
P.S. Get thee a 16TB portable hard drive.

I need to do something - I have pictures and videos that go back to 2007. I save the best on Flickr and Vimeo but…

Same issue with photos. So many, my guess is over 40k. I do have them backed up to a portable drive and have started to sort them by place and date and putting them in their own folders. It’ll take me years!

I have hundreds of pre-digital kayak photos. Same issue; more space.

I have learned over the decades to only keep the best of my pictures. I now have 14 and keep them on a three dollar thumb drive.

Eckilson, great photos and many good memories of fine trips with good friends. I enjoyed it. I too take tons of photos. I always download a trip in a folder that starts with a date like this 2017-12-27 and then the location, like say Bull Island. This way I have everything in chronological order. I then go through and edit the photos and pick out the best that tell the trip story, and save them to a portable hard drive. I also have theme folds like sailing, kayaking or wildlife that I put my very best photos or only one of a kind shots in. Doesn’t take a great deal of time to do, and I enjoy the editing. If you don’t keep up with it then it becomes a chore.

The pictures that I take end up in trip files. It’s the pictures that other people take (usually of me) that end up on my desktop and in the download file. I copy them into the trip file, but then don’t delete them. I need to come up with a better backup system. Then again, it is nice to be able to look at them all in one place.

Nice video. looks like you had a great season.

I’ve got to get that song and arrange for my wife to hear it. Maybe slide it into her CD player and she can discover it while driving in the car or something. She is very tolerant of my boat addiction, but it might do her well to know I’m not the only one that has a few boats.

Remember CD players?

@BoozTalkin said:
Remember CD players?

Is that the slot above the radio? I thought that was for the mount in it to hold my phone :wink:

sweet video, nice to see some new england streams.