Too many boats

I know there is no perfect yak. But it seems like every time I get ready to buy one (my first) I end up seeing some other model that looks interesting. Good thing I’m not shopping for wives.

I will be in F/W 95% of the time (mostly lakes), fishing 60% and day touring 40%. I plan to be out on the water in the winter as well as the rest of the year. I’m 5’8" - 190.

I’m down to 2 1/2 selections (this time around) - the Prowler 15 or the Tarpon 140, however I just saw the Hobie Quest today and it looks pretty nice.

I’d appreciate input on any of these yaks.

Both are fine
for what you describe.The 140 has a low-flat floor,so at your weight there will be a fair amount of water in the deck area.Id suggest the new T-160i over the 140.Tuff call between the new 160 and P15.

As I understand things…
the Prowler will have a good “hole shot” and good speed with average momentum. It’s evidently a thinner hull than the Tarpon or Hobie.

The Tarpon will be slower off the line but will be very close to equal in top speed and will coast further.

The Hobie has the best layout but is tad slower than either of the two mentioned above.

You could probably close your eyes, flip a coin and end up happy with any of the three if you didn’t focus on what your choice doesn’t do or doesn’t have.

Most important - if possible test drive them and add to your base of knowledge before choosing.

WS is due out soon with a T-160 that has a tankwell.

Good luck!