too tight on straps when carrying yak?

Well, got a couple of new Pungo 140’s and since it’s summer, I’ve dropped the soft top on my Jeep and have been tying the 'yaks to the rolls bars.

I have a lead and tail rope and three ratchet straps across the body’s to keep them still.

Should I worry about deforming the kayaks with too much pressure?

I’d think at 100+kph on the highway would get them flexing too…

How tight?
Ratchet straps can be very powerful devices.

If you choose to use them, tighten them sufficiently to pull the boat into the padding. (you do pad your roll bar, I presume…)

You don’t need it so tight as to dent the boat.

Also, do not leave pressure on the straps any longer than you need to.

I load and strap my boats the night before going, but don’t tighten them until I’m ready to roll in the morning.

I can’t say if it’s going to wiggle around in a crosswind, or passing semi truck, as it’s been a long, long time since I carried a boat on an open convertable. '78 poly boat on a '73 MG…

But a bit of wiggle isn’t a big deal, if the boat is secured well.


You would have a problem in PA
Here in the State of PA., Troopers can pull you over to check your rigging. The test is: “Any Movement”. In other words, you have to tie the boat down so hard that the car will shake before the boat moves even in the slightest. This is impossible to do without distorting the hull or deck.

KK, consider these.

These I bought over the winter, they fit any size roll bars, round or square, all types of racks, Thule and Yakima, and I just love them because they increase the surface area that I tie to and deform the kayaks less. I do cinch down pretty hard though; enough to see the gentle deformation of the yaks. But these add great security from sliding, so the amount of cinching would be relatively less.