too windy and other dilemmas

Hi folks

Well… I’ve had an opportunity to try out my new Necky Manitou Sport on 2 occasions this week. Some of you may be aware from a previous post of mine that I just recently bought this boat.

So on the first occasion I chose not to put in this particular lake because someone warned me that cars were being broken into while people were out on the water. This was the only free public access for putting in. I left… it felt too remote and isolated anyway.

Today I tried again at a different lake and found the wind had picked up by the time I arrived there and the water was choppy and uninviting to this inexperienced newbie. Once again, I left.

I’m sure that possible robbery and wind wouldn’t deter some of you from paddling. Perhaps some folks can relate to planning some hard to find paddling time and then having it thwarted. Jeesh.

Thanks for listening.


It is what it is.
Just do it.

If you wait for the perfect day, you won’t have many paddling days. Learn to paddle in the prevailing conditions, just don’t go far from shore, take a friend or family member along. They can sit and read a book or fish or sunbathe etc.

I am a relative newbie
I have been paddling for just over a year and what was said above really does apply. If you wait for the perfect day you’ll never go and never learn much either. I have learned more by going out in wind and somewhat rough conditions than I ever would have by going on perfect days. I also now have the confidence in the boat and myself to feel I am ready for some real challenges.

One thing I read here on pnet that has helped me out a lot is TRUST YOUR BOAT! When I first started I was afraid of boat wakes until I was reading here one day a discussion of power boaters and boat wakes. The comment was made that if your boat couldn’t handle a wake maybe it wasn’t safe for much of anything else. I now look for wakes and waves having learned to surf them (a trip!).

Even if you only go for half an hour and never go more than 100 ft from shore put your boat in and paddle! Your confidence and skills will improve and so will your options when you want to paddle on those not perfect days!

Good luck to you!

Break Ins
The best way to protect your car from being broken in to is to leave it as empty as you can. Carry only what you’ll need with you in the kayak. If the car looks empty most thieves will move on and leave your car alone. Stash tie downs and a change of clothes under the seats or in the trunk if you can. I’ve even seen people put a sign in the window informing on lookers that there’s nothing of value in the car. Not sure if that’s a good deterrent or not. You’ll learn to deal with the wind in time. I’m still looking forward to a report on the new boat.

windy too
I had the same experience the other day. Pulled in got the kayak off the roof and started towards the water and here comes the wind! But after living in areas with mountains and these storms that pop up I figured Im going anyway, who knows the weather could change in 5 minutes.

It did’nt but I had the chance to see how my boat did in the wind and with the waves which were not very big, And get used to it myself. Like they said here, I just relax and let the boat do its thing while I paddle away.

I did stay close to shore though!

Met a
kayaker who leaves his car unlocked (takes wallet with him). One day he came back to his car and found all the other cars had been broken into-except for his.

Had a room mate in San Diego who just never locked his car, never had anything stolen from it.

I just leave my car empty, by putting everything in the trunk, and then locking it. After a recent 6 day backpacking trip I cam back to my car to find I had forgoten to lock it, it was fine.

Paddling in a breeze during summer
temperatures…like those that most everyone has experienced this year…can be one of the prime pleasures of paddling.

Boat stability is a sliding scale…at one end you have boats that can be overly twitchy to less experienced paddlers, then you have other boats with hulls that are more friendly and forgiving(with lots more stability)…and you have additional factors such as tracking ability, speed, and efficiency.

Try finding some different boats to demo on occasion!..imho, that’ll help you recognize where your boat fits…on the scale of stability, cause paddling with a breeze is not only enjoyable, but will very well make up ~%70 of your days on the water. Enjoyment will come from being able to stay in balance while paddling, which becomes easier, like everything, with practice of correct technique.



Dirty Diapers and Marine Corp Sticker
A friend of mine swears by leaving what look like used diapers on the seats and buying two or three of those Marine Corp Stickers

Best thing to do is not drive a flashy car and leave backpacks, purses etc in view.

I’d lock your car at San Diego Beaches
I’ve learned to recognize some of the break in guys, they are looking for back packs, lap tops, surf boards.

The Other End Of The Spectrum…

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it's been HOT, flat and windless for the most of the last three weeks, especially on weekends. Have had no compulsion to go out in "paradise" conditions. Haven't touched water with a paddle in three weeks. Just doing workouts on the back deck, taking walks, etc.

Thanks for listening to my complaint while I wait for the summer doldrums to break.


Hey Sing
take your long boat out 20 yards…no paddle…and do a bunch of rolling exercises. If anything it is good stretching to complement your work outs.

the water is your friend…



to all who commented. I’m not sure if it’s my ability I don’t trust in waves or wind, or my boat. Or, maybe it’s both. This is due in part I think to some of the comments I’ve read about rec. boats not being especially stable in some conditions. Hopefully, with time I will learn what my boat is and isn’t capable of handling.

Regarding vehicle vandalism. What a shame that we have to take this into consideration when embarking on a paddling experience. In my case, the lake access was deep in the woods in a fairly remote area. I’m not surprised that some people were finding that just too convenient a place to cause some problems for others. Just a reflection of the world at large, I guess.

Thanks everyone!


never know till you try
The manitou sport is a fine boat on a’s not like conditions on a small-ish-medium size lake are gonna do much. practice,get comfy and just go do it. break ins suck,but sounds like more of an excuse. If anything can be a deterrent to me it’s lack of parking. I always take my wallet/keys/phone with me in a little watertight lexan jar and lock the car with nothing valuable inside. not that too many people will wanna break into a 94’ firefly that’s dinged all over.

Have fun - be safe
While I agree for the need to learn in all conditions, if you truly are as much of a “newbie” as you say there’s no reason to push the envelope until it breaks. You don’t need to wait for a “perfect” day, but you should paddle in conditions that feel right for you. Everyone has their own comfort level. When I started I kept close to shore and waited for the right conditions, gradually building up to more challenges. Do what feels right for you (especially if paddling alone).

I Do Alot of Stretching As Part Of

I love the Pond Scum for their generousity in sharing their expertise. But, I never shared their enthusasism for rolling in a pond when there are waves breaking in the surf zone.

For me, a roll is just a tool, not an end, to do the things I want safely.

Rolling can’t come close to replacing my back deck workouts. These workouts are also psychological and physical means to other ends which rolling doesn’t provide.


Set your alarm clock
There is usually very little wind at daybreak and most thieves are at home in bed!

Learn your local weather patterns
As alluded to above, in most areas there’ll be normal times of higher and lower winds thru the day, some variance based on where the wind is coming from. That’ll help in choosing less-fuss times to paddle.

Paddling partner
Can you find someone to paddle with until you get a feel for your boat? It may make you feel more secure if you knew there was someone there to help. (I’d go with you, but I’m in PA!)

As far as the Manitou Sport, there are rec boats and then there are good rec boats. This one is a good one. I’ve yet to encounter any really wild conditions with mine, but so far I’ve felt totally comfortable with what it can do.

Another tip as far as cars go, leave your glove box open and empty. This is often recommended to hikers who must leave their vehicles at remote trailheads.

Happy paddling!


Got time to describe your deck workout?
Sing, I would enjoy reading the details of your workout - thanks!


I tried going with someone else once and
it turns out we were pretty incompatible. I wanted time getting used to my boat by just practicing stuff close to the shore and he wanted to head out across the middle of the lake at warp speed. But I think that’s still a good idea. I’ll try someone different. Thanks, Sue.

Thanks to everyone for all of the comments and encouragement. I just have to go at my own pace, I guess. I really like it, so I will get there.