Took a look at the Futura II

Just got back from looking at it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a no go. I ran my hands over the entire hull, pushed and prodded and eyeballed very closely. Found what appears to be a stress crack that runs about 3 feet long on the deck just ahead of the cockpit on the left side of the ski.

The crack doesn’t go all the way through and probably can be repaired. Problem is, there is no access internally, any repairs would be marginal in my opinion.

A couple of photo’s here…the boat itself and the crack.

Any thoughts?


deck hatch
any way you could reach the inside if you installed a deck hatch? you should be able to use one of the screw off types you see on sailboats, etc. That would allow access and still keep the inside dry. a hatch would also allow you to vent the boat more – leave it open to dry out.

I had one
and it took on water. And there was no way to pump out from sea.

mine also leaked
a lot. that bow style also was terrible going into waves- incredibly slow. i think they changed the bow design in later models.

i’d pass on this one, andy, assuming you were looking to buy it. save your money and find a used mako xt. there’s one available up in connecticut, i think. great build quality, great boat.


Used Skis

Try NEsurfski:

There’s a nice S1-R on there, but if you have a 34 or larger waist, the narrow seat will be too confining. I have a 34 waist and fit ‘3 Bears just right’ in the wide seat option on my R. Know of another wide seat R for sale; it’s significantly more $ in a kevlar layup, but if you’re interested, shoot me an email offline. There was an XT for sale on this site, but Ken may have sold it.

The Futura II is a fine boat, if a little shaky on build quality, but is really more of an open sea kayak, as opposed to either the R or the XT, as Andrew recommended.

36" waist at the moment
Working on it! I’m 6’ 185 lbs. if that helps. After doing some research, The Futura seemed to fit my needs and wants nicely.

But…got an interesting email a little while ago…I’ll expound about it in a few days. All I can say is that reaches a wide and diverse paddling audience.


if it’s from the nigerians
tell them i’d also like to earn some easy money…

I’ll give you a cut Andrew
Actually, nothing like that.


More info
The email I got was from Vince Darwood, the owner of Futura. He had shipped an F II sport to someone in Bradley Beach, NJ and in transit some minor cosmetic damage occurred (been repaired). The buyer refused it. So Vince offered it to me at cost, and if I picked it up, less the frieght. Still more than I’m willing to spend right now.

Got another email from a p.netter that I think I’ll probably take him up on it.


A definite no-go.
I posted a review of the Futura II some time ago on p-net. Way too many problems with leaks and also had rudder problems. I moved up to a Futura II from other SOTS and loved the way it paddled. Yes it is slow by surf ski standards but great for SOT folks who want something faster. Had one with a hatch and could never get it to seal well since the hatch was not mated to the hull opening very well. Never could paddle without flotation bags in the hull.

hmm, I am surprised at all the leaking problems…

I have mine for about three years and once I fixed the rotted rudder mount I have not a drop inside the hull even on rough days…

And yes, Andrew, this is your old boat I picked up from Mark in the Hamptons…zero leaks once the stern was fixed…