Took delivery

Took delivery this morning and promptly went for a paddle out past the breakwater.

At put-in:

Heading out:

Me saying “Look how far over this thing leans!”:

A few nice swells came through, then we had to turn around and head back in:

This guy was keenly interested in how close I was getting:


a new boat is exciting! keep letting us know how it is going.

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Nice good luck!

Little Harbor and Wentworth By the Sea, right?

Very nice, congrats!

Happy dance on the water!

That’s a beautiful boat. Enjoy!

What model is this? Looks like my Delphin 150. The Delphin is fun for longboat playing/surfing in smaller swells.


I was thinking that he was getting a Virgo. Bow and skeg slider are wrong for a Delphin. Visually, I like that skeg control placement better than on my Delphin 150. Every time I exit the kayak my left leg slides over the control & extends the skeg.

@RC51Mike Yes, nice eye! Are you in the area?

@sing Virgo MV

@rival51 I like the skeg placement too, although I tend to hit it with my pinky every so often while paddling (I’m 100% sure it is my stroke technique, or lack thereof).

The company had ordered it a while back, and lucky me…it’s exactly what I would have ordered.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on my “hi” thread…this is a great community and I’ve learned a lot so far, plan on learning a lot more too. I will mention that I was quite humbled this past Saturday as I attempted my first few rolls. I conceptually knew what to do having watched countless videos and going through the motions in my mind, but there sure is no substitute for the real thing. The good news is I then got to work on my scrambles, heh.

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No, a few years ago we stayed at the marina a couple nights on our way to Maine. Enjoyed the area and wished I had more time to paddle around.

Oh, Virgo, a more recent addition to the P&H line up. Haven’t been keeping up with the newer models of kayaks. This one seemed interesting to me with the hull shape since most of my “sea kayaking” is focused on day playing textured waters.


Would you mind letting me know when you originally ordered it? I ordered my Aries 155 back last September and they’ve been telling me it’s been sitting on a dock waiting for an available container ship for the past 3 months. My patience is starting to thin…

Beautiful photos, have you paddled by that marina at night and seen the water lit up near the yachts? For the last 20 years I have paddled those back channels and Little Harbor year round and fished there summers launching from Goat Island Boat Launch. Back in the days of my Pungo 140’s, the 2KR Buoy was my bait destination before live lining mackerel up the Piscataqua on the incoming tide.

@David_R That was the beauty of it, I didn’t “order” it as it was already ordered by the company. They mentioned they had some new ones arriving, I said I’d take one. I am not sure when the company actually ordered it.

@tlb I haven’t, no, but that sounds awesome. I’ll add it to my growing list of things to do. Is the “Goat Island Boat Launch” the one at the end of Cedar Point Rd?

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Turn east on New Castle Avenue in Portsmouth; parking lot is located at the second bridge …you can see PNSY straight across the river. NH Fish & Game, car -top watercraft only. Do you launch from Sagamore Creek? I used to launch there on the outgoing tide, paddle to Wood Island, Whaleback and return by Jaffrey Point, Little Harbor. Other times I launched from Goat Island crossed to Spruce Creek, Pepperrell Cove, Chauncey Creek.

Ahh, that Goat Island. I was thinking the one just north of Little Bay. The two times I have paddled the marina stretch were both launched from Seven Rivers Paddling on Sagamore creek (once renting, once when I picked mine up).

I wasn’t sure how busy Goat Island launch got, and there’s also the 4-car lot at Sanders Poynt.

I like free launch spots. Most of my paddling has been from Adam’s Point and a couple of times from Jackson’s Landing. Both are tide-dependent, unless you like slogging through mud, as I found out yesterday at Adam’s Point.

I wouldn’t wait that long if it was free.

Just found this, which makes me even happier I got the Virgo: