Took the grandkid out for the first time

This last Saturday I took my six year old grandson out fishing in the canoe for the first time. I thought we’d just go do a little paddling since this was his first canoe experience, but he wanted to get a line wet as well. He didn’t do too badly. Before we go next time I’ll get him a much shorter paddle. Oh, I didn’t catch anything but the boy caught a catfish. It was fun and I think I have a new fishing partner.

Mike, you lucky dog! Have a blast with your new fishing partner.

Good deal, as soon as it cools off a bit
I’m going to try my 4 year old grandson fishing and canoing.

Thanks for posting about your experience.

My 6 year old grandson was visiting about a month ago and wanted Papaw to take him fishing. First we practiced with an ultra-light spinning outfit in the backyard by tying on small pinecones and learning to cast 'em. Then we took the canoe to a local stream and paddled up to a small riffle that I knew usually held fish and got out and waded. He ended up catching 6 little 8"-10" smallmouth. We stopped at a dairy bar and got ice cream on the way home. He told me it was the best day of his life.

It sure ranked near the top of my list.


I took my 2yo daughter and a friends 4yo son out fishing for the first time this year. (different occaissions) Also got both my daughters in my canoe for the first time this year. Both were thrilling experiences. My youngest did NOT like the PFD, and said so loudly and continuously. Once she was allowed to sit on my lap, she felt OK, though. It’s a rowing canoe, so she could only sit on my lap while we were eddied out. So any time the boat was in motion, she was screaming about the PFD - “OFF!! OFF!! OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!” I enjoyed it anyway.

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