Tool Holder??

I am trying to come up with a way to store my fish grippers and pliers without them being on the floor of my kayak. Every time I need them they are sliding around the bottom of the yak sometimes out of reach. I have a sit inside kayak any Ideas out there.

would a magnet attach work ??

Get creative.
You could wear them around your neck like the fly fishing guys do.

You could put in a couple padeyes on the inside of the kayak and run some string loops through them and clip the tools to those. Be sure to drill ABOVE the water line.

If you’ve got a foam post for rigidity in the front of your kayak, you could poke a line through it and clip the tools to that.

You could put the tools into a pocket of your PFD.

You could bungee a utility bag to the deck of your kayak and put the tools in it.

You could wear a fanny pack backwards so that the “pack” part is on your front, and then put the tools in it.

There’s a million different ways to contain your tools when fishing.

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Something like this perhaps?

I got a clip on can holder from Dicks. It was on their web page and in the store. It cost around $3. On a sit-in you can clip it onto the cowling. It can be used out of the yak also. It’s open, but you can stick a cup in it to hold your gadgets

I was serious about the magnets …

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...... just epoxy it to any surface and zap it will hold a tool in place (metal of course) ... the tool won't be fallen off , you'll have to give a good tug .

Little neodymium magnets are powerful buggers , and two coming together can pinch your finger .

Good Idea!
Thank you for the Ideas. I like the magnet idea and also the clip on cup would be a quick cheap fix. I like cheap!

the epoxy coated magnets might …

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...... be easier to epoxy onto the kayak . Both nickle plate and expoxy coat are rust proof :-) . If you are going to epoxy , and it's a plastic boat , don't forget to scuff the area w/#80 sand paper and flame/torch that same area first ... for best adhesion . And they say West System G-Flex works real good on plastic , although I've not used it yet .

You could go with something like this. and then lay it out like you need to hold your tools.

If you have a flat area you could mount you a track like my native manta ray has. I went to Walmart and bought an abs cutting board and some 1/4-20 screws total cost $7.00 then went to lowes and bought some allum. 3/8 x 1/4" stick and cut it 3/4" lengths. Drilled and tapped them and then took the cutting board drilled it and mounted a rod holder, fishfinder and all those tools. Now you can move them up and down the track or remove them all together. Tools like the fish grippers, pliers, line cutters, forcepts and so on. I also drilled small holes to hang some of the lures and it works great.