Topher , where did you get the

air bags for your Voyager? Seems like I asked before, but my memory isn’t what it was.


– Last Updated: Aug-28-06 9:30 PM EST –

I opted for a three bag set-up using Voyaguer nylon float bags. Any good shop should have them.

I can't remember exactly what sizes I used, but I'll check tomorrow and get back to you.

My beloved Voyager will be up for sale soon, I'm hoping she can find a home in the p-net community.

Why are you selling her?

Man on the Move
My lovely wife and I are in the process of relocating south of the Mason Dixon line and I am liquidating the fleet to cover costs. The understanding with me spending the bulk of our disposable income on boats and gear is that I will sell some of it off when we need the money. I’d rather paddle my savings account than let the bank sit on it, so it works out well for all.

Its not a too sad parting because once we are settled in NC I get to begin rebuilding the fleet and falling in love with other boats. I’ll move with only three boats but I’m not likely to stay with that few for long.

Makes sense.