OK, I’ve heard here and there that this stuff is good fro protecting various things from UV. I finally found/bought some and have done my Tempest. I’ve read somewhere about people using it on other stuff like PFD’s and Jackets and stuff. Seems like it would be yucky on cloth but I guess it might dry OK?

SO, the question is, what do you folks put 303 on?


In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s the “official” version.



I know an outfitter who
Puts a little of it in their PFD and wetsuit cleaning solution. It’s good stuff, (and it’s got a beat you can dance to it)

I personally just use it on my gaskets, and boats.

I use it on …
…anything plastic, vinyl or rubber.

It does a real good job on keeping rubber gaskets on my hatch covers new-like.

Once year I do the whole plastic yak with it.

I wouldn’t put it on my PFD.



dashboard, shift boot, rubber seals, yakima towers, etc.

anything synthetic you want to protect.

also makes a good zipper slider lube.