Hi! Where can I pick up the 303 wax everyone talks about that protects your kayak against UV damage? Thanks!!!


Most boat shops and RV stores have

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BTW: Not a wax. A liquid surface protector from drying out, UV, etc.

marinas, boat supply stores
I get mine at the local marina/boat supply store but if you’ve got a West Marine or a Boat U.S. or an Overton’s, etc. near you, that’d work, too. I’d try calling an auto supply store to check there, too.

Or even
an Ace Hardware store.

Hi! Thanks for telling me! I wasn’t sure whether it was a liquid or wax, I just saw it mentioned and thought it was something that I could use on my kayak to help keep the UV out. Thanks again!

Yes, I do have a West Marine here. That will be the first place I check! Thanks!

Order direct
…from the company…it’s much cheaper.

Mohawk Canoes

Something else
You can try on your boat is Lemon pledge. I use it on all my plastic boats. And is recomended by Old Town for their boats. It cleans them up nice is cheap, It has a UV protectent, And doesn’t leave a oil slick in the water. Just another thought for you.

Good Journey’s


yes, and 303 protected boat owners…
…will be jealous of the fresh lemon scent.