Could someone tell me if 303 is just an expensive cousin of Armor All. Do they basically do the same thing. Armor All is for UV protection just like 303. So what gives with price difference. Just wanted to know? Thanks.

Armor All says it protects but doesn’t
specifically say it protects against uv. 303 does. I have some 10 year old poly boats that have been stored outside and look great. I attribute that to the use of 303 since a friend’s boats stored in the same conditions look like crap.

Avoid Armor All
This has come up in the past. I asked Armor All about it and here is the response.

October 28, 2005

Reference Number: 4254184

Dear Mr. (name deleted)

Thank you for contacting us about Armor All Protectant - Original. We always appreciate hearing from our consumers.

We would not recommend that you use this product on a plastic boat. There are two reasons, the first is it is not waterproof and it will streak and the second is that many boat manufacturers treat the boats with something that may react with the silicone in the protectant. Please contact us at any time if you have additional questions.

Again, thank you for contacting us.


Patti Copper

Consumer Response Representative

Consumer Services

How about 303
on my stitch & glue kayak which is finished with Captain’s Varnish?

The YakFisher - your success.
How do you use the 303? I have a bottle. Do you simply wipe it on after every paddle, deck and hull? once a month? Sray only, or spray and wipe. Thanks

Cooldoc, maybe twice a year

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First a good scrubbing with 409 and a nylon scrub brush. Rinse and let dry. Then spray on 303 and wipe off. Makes a poly boat look new.

Use a Marine protectant
I use “Star Bright Marine Polish with Teflon” on my composite kayak. It is a Marine polish, with extra UV protectants in it. I have been using it for at least 4 seasons so far, and I am very happy with it. Since it is specifically designed for marine applications, it will do a great job for your S&G kayak.

Plus the Teflon in it makes it real easy to keep the hull clean.

I like 303 for anything plastic and rubber, and believe it is great stuff. I use it on the convertible top on my Mazda Miata, and on the tires of every vehicle I own, plus my plastic play boat.

But use the Star Bright Marine Polish with Teflon on your S&G kayak.

Several of us did reviews here on P-Net on the “Star Bright”. Read the reviews, and try it!

Kewl. Thanks

303 on waterproof bags
Not only have I used 303 on my canoe the last few years but I also use it on my waterproof bags. It helps keep the bags soft and pliable and I’m sure it extends their life. I’ve been real happy with both boat and bag applications.


Armor All
Most auto restorers avoid the stuff like the plague, as I learned the hard way, years back, on my '64 Corvair convertible. I had treated the interior with multiple coatings of Armorall, reasoning that building up layers like wax, would serve to protect the material. After a winter’s storage, the Armorall ‘varnished’

and yellowed on the white interior, creating a sticky mess that took countless hours with a toothbrush and citrus-based hand cleaner to remove. If you treat sidewalls with it, after several rains, it will turn orange. 303, if not long-lasting, is far, far different, and much better served for boat (and IMHO, any other) use.

just treated my folder with 303
and do a bi-annual rub down on all our kayaks/canoes/shells…even put it on my tires

New Vinyl
Is better than Armour All. I also just came across some Meguires Vinyl protectant and tried it on my canoe. It made it look a whole lot better than the faded red. I haven’t had it back in the water since I put it on, but I will post how it does. If it stays on that is.

303 protectant & canoe
Having just bought our canoe 6 weeks ago,

the dealer said to use 303 on it at least

2 times a year. But we put it on inbetween

washings which will be every other month!

It stays indoors when not in use anyway.


303 Good. ArmorAll Bad, Very, Very Bad.

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Back in the 80s I worked for Test and Evaluation Command at White Sands Missile Base in the high desert. I helped run some tests to see if some of this stuff actually would help reduce damage to materials exposed to sever sun. Results? Not good!

Even 5 - 7 years ago car lots still used it. Try to find even one auto lot that still uses it now!



Armour All caused cracks in dash board !
When I was very young I had a job detailing cars for an Iranian car trader. We put armour All on a dash board that was old, dry and faded , but had no cracks. The next day when the sun hit the dash board, a bunch of wide cracks appeared.

If you call Old Town
or look on their website, the recommend good ol’Lemon Pledge to keep their boats looking good.

My Dagger Legend 16 is the dark blue color and it was already discolored just from sitting out in the dealer’s boatyard. 303 makes it look ok for a while but the discoloration comes back within a few days. I have used NuVinyl on old vinyl car tops in the past with good results, I may just try it on a small section and see what it does.