Has anyone else had trouble with 303 eating through the container. mine sprung a leak so I put it into a milk carton and same thing happened again. Too expensive for this and what is this stuff doing to our boats?

Probably should have kept it
out of the sun!

Never had that happen
303 is so non-corrosive that I’ve used it as sunscreen.

Maybe it wasn’t 303
It sounds like someone replace your 303 with a light oil instead. I’ve had no problem with 303 fabric protectorant or Plastic Protectorant eating through the containers.

The spray they make for fabric does have a caution that says not to get it on plastic or rubber. It is the best I’ve every used for life vests, skirts, and hats.

Their plastic spray is good but I cannot tell that it is better than most other plastic UV protection sprays avaialble.

UV sprays
I’ve been using 303 but recently wanted to spiff up an older sea kayak to sell it and realized my 303 was 130 miles away at my boyfriend’s house. Rather than buy another can I used Armorall UV protectant (the rubber safe kind)on the sun-dulled rubber hatch covers. I have to admit it made them look way better than the 303 does.


I have had the same experience.

For the price,

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I'd expect the manufacturer to offer replacement.

I'm gonna go check my bottle in the garage right now.

Update: #5 HDPE bottle probably 4 years-old seems fine. I didn't squish it unduly, but it doesn't seem especially brittle or soft.

I will use glass
I have transferred mine into glass containers that solved the problem. Thanks everyone for the feedback.


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Have been using it for well over 10 years.
Never/ever any problem with leaking container.
Sometimes it takes a year, or two, to use the whole container.
I store it on a shelving unit, inside my garage.


I’ve had a gallon of it for > 10 yrs
Started with the spray bottles but found it cheapest to buy from a 4x4 accessories supplier, in gallon container.

No problems with any of the containers.

Mine was on a shelfing unit too
The shelves consisted of mesh of thick metal wires. The stuff leaked through the gallon container right where the jug contacted one of the wires of the shelf.

Saw a puddle under the shelf one day and about half had leaked out the small hole. This had been an sealed gallon container when I bought it, and had definitely had not been adulterated.

So it seems pretty clear this happens sometimes.

I wouldn’t repeatedly use Armour all.
I made the mistake of using it on my Solo 13 almost everytime I paddled in 1994-95 and ended up with my red canoe developing a whitish look to it.