Topo Maps for the Yukon?

I am entering the Yukon Quest River race, and Im having troubles finding topo maps for the Yukon.

I’d like to be able to print out the river for the length of 460 miles. Can this be done? Free?

I have never had any experience in attempting this before, and Im confused how to enter in the information of a place in the middle of a wilderness. Few zip codes or town names… just a river flowing.

Any Ideas?

I do have other maps for this river, but they are Old maps. Not topo either.

Most racers are going without topo maps I believe, but I thought I’d check it out anyway.


Topo map source
DeLorme has a set of CDs in their program called Topo USA. I have the old edition, 4.0, but the new one offers side by side satellite imagery as well. My set which is 7 CDs includes Alaska and Hawaii, and I believe the 5.0 sells for about $80.

Good idea to get the maps, I would not make a trip like that without good maps. Let P-Net know how the trip was.


The rourke maps seem to be what everyone is using. check out the yukon river quest web site