topo maps??

Wondering if anyone can share info on on line topo maps that I can download and print for free on line>??? Thanks in advance

A few…
I have used TopoZone, TerraServer, and MapTech.

Check them out, the last two seem more user friendly to me.

Have fun,


Why Online?
I have National Geographic’s Backroads Explorer TOPO! Maps of all 50 states on CD ROM.

18 Disks that cover all 50 states.

I used Pinnacle to create “virtual disk” copies of all CD’s that play in a “virtual disk drive”

Maps zoom down to 7.5 minute maps with great detail: all roads, waterways, and trails labeled.

Several layers of information that can be toggled off and on.

Maps can be customized with routes, photos, True North or Magnetic North (auto corrected for drift x year) headings, notes, etc., etc., etc.

All changed versions can be saved.

Export maps to GPS or handheld (Palm, Pocket PC) where you can access them in the field and manipulate/save data.

Import your changes.

Print any bloody thing you like.

Or maybe you just want to print and go. Does that too.

Did I mention all of the US, in detail, on your desktop. My folder of TOPO! virtual disks takes up 11.8 GB on my hard drive. You could trim that by only storing the disks you need, or reduce it to the base program and insert disks as needed.


Can You Tell I’m a TOPO! Fan?