Topo! overlay Downloads


I have the National Geographic Weekend Explorer 3D Outdoor Recreation Mapping Software, and I was wondering if anyone could help me find some overlay downloads for campsites in the BWCAW area. If anyone has used this program or can help me out in any way, it would be very appreciated, since the national geographic website does not seemingly support this program.

Then again, I might not be using the website correctly, so please someone help me!



Here is a site with some overlays of BWCA campsites and portages.

You may have to use GPSbabel to convert the files to National Geographic’s format.

NG website
appears to have been recently renovated, and the MapXchange link is not functioning. Hope it is up soon as I just bought the software and would like to have the overlays as well.


T-man thanks so much for sharing the info. My son is going to make us sectional copies of our trip for next month. We appreciate the help.


Site is still not working.

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But the first link is a great one! I downloaded the .png file for the mid east BWCA and it has all the info I need. I will manually transfer it to my software maps when I have time.