tornado warning

i was in the back yard working on my tri canoe parts.the sky got dark. the wind picked up. lightning.the tornado warning was announced. the neighbors in our MOBILE HOME PARK came out on the porch to watch. a branch fell. i got in my van. the wind and rain accelerated with thunder and lightning. i reparked my van facing into the wind and watched to see what would happen.

what would you do?

mobile homes don’t do well in that situation. I guess I try to do some planning in good weather to find the safest place to go.

Common shelter? Low lying area?

Things you never hear said…
Gee look Ma the tornado is going around the trailer park!

I would Grab Toto and head for the hills!

save the boat, save the boat !..
Kiss the women and children good by, but at all costs save the boat!

If they gave the direction that the tornado was coming from, I would take a road that was ninty degrees to the right or the left, (if there was one) and just keep driving, until I got the all clear or got into good clear weather.



Build a root cellar
or anything that was a hole lower than the ground. We don’t have major issues with tornadoes up here, but if I lived in an area where they were prevalent I’d have a nice deep hole to dive into.

Short of that, I like the idea of setting up run at 90 degrees away from it.

Or get into the boat and maybe be able to find out if fast moving ara really is about the same as water…

how ‘bout a tether
i am considering a loop of anchor rode ( thick rope) around the base of the nearest live oak (6’ diameter), a belt around my waist with a carabiner to hook into the tree and ride it out. wacky?

Very wacky
The tree will take flight with you attached. Or worse, you’ll be impaled by flying debris.


i jockey myself downwind
the trunk is between me and the wind (and debris) i am tied in. i have to guess which tree will still be standing : 0