Torrent in the surf?

Does the Torrent work for surf? I’ve tried surfing my Tarpon with little success. I thought a WW SOT might be better.

Like a hard raft
Lacks the edges and skegs that surfers prefer for control, but still could be some fun.

Surf vs. WW Kayaks
The response to your question, so much depends on what you want to do, or expect to do, in the surf. If your desire is to truly surf a wave, then you should consider a craft specially designed for wave riding. Any boat designed for white water will have some distinct performance deficiencies in the surf. Rather than go into why that is so, I refer you to an article that appears on, the Journal page under the title Similar But Not the Same.

If your preference is for a SOT surf kayak, I would suggest the Cobra Strike or the Wilderness Systems Kaos. Reviews on both appear on this website.

Thanks. I’ll check them out.