Torrent like beginner WW SOTs?

Had 1st taste of WW yakking at Charlotte NC NWWC class this wk. w/Grandsons. Great fun, spent most of it in the water but not discouraged, and would like to continue learning. Used their Dagger/Perception Torrent and its well liked for WW beginners but hard to find used. One in OH now but quite a hike from E. NC. Are there other equally/near equally good WW beginner SOTs for I-III water? Tks, R

Liquid Logic has some great new
designs. That company consistently puts out great hulls in every category. Check out their SOTs.

Liquid Logic Coupe
looks interesting.

A used Dagger Pegasus might work for you, or a used Islander Reggae (both discontinued models). I’ve used a Tarpon 100 in up to Class II and it worked ok but it’s really not intended for whitewater.

Hiwassee Outfitters
I was in Reliance, TN a few weeks ago and they were selling off their used fleet for $300 a pop. Still some distance but you could make it a fun weekend by paddling the Hiwassee.

We have 4
PM me

the LL Coupe rocks
in Class I-III, I bought two specifically for that reason. great fun on lazy float/fishing trips too. a couple miles of flatwater is no problem with the skeg down.

but… they’re still pretty new, you won’t find any used yet. the deluxe BAO seat is worth the extra $

Ocean Kayak Yahoo
Not made anymore, would have to find one used.