I love tortillas, whole wheat, white, corn, fresh, packages, whatever. ANyone gone on an extended trip and made tortillas? Got a good way to cook them?

IMO … Store bought.
Flour = many non-mex food eaters prefer. If group taste unknown a ‘safer’ bet for the cook. Not as ness to heat / reheat. See corn for uncooked ones.

Corn = taste better if heated or ‘cooked’, travel better in moist environment. Cost less.

IMO … less is more here. Think steet tacos. Double’ corn tortilla con X with subtle garnish taste better than a big ole’ flour with gobs o something all mashed together.

Either EZ to heat or just leave what you want to consume out in foil in the sun.

definitely the way to go. got to heat them though. ate them all across the country a few years ago when i a friend and i rode our bikes across the country. all we had was a small coleman white gas stove- we found the best method was just to blast them directly with the flame, putting them on top of the thing that you rest your pots on. awesome tasting, compact, travel hardy. corn tortillas are the best, and i am gringo through and through.


Tortillas pack well and keep well.

One fave is a can of Dinty Moore wrapped in two larghe tortillas. Don’t eat the can…

it’s a Salvadorian aluminum plate/ griddle that works well in toasting torts, pancakes, english muffins,zucinni, etc.

cost $3.50 10 years ago in a market in San Salvador.