Tough Gear Bag?

I am looking for a tough gear bag. Something that gets beat around and thrown around and salty, and still lasts. I’m not really a backpacker so I do not know which bags are tough and hold up well. I don’t mind spending a little more if the thing lasts. I seem to be a little hard on some of my equipment, judging from the stitches and such coming out from various items.


NRS Bill’s Bag
As good as they get, and they make a good seat in a Ally-Pack Canoe too.

They are a big dry bag and have shoulder straps for portaging.

If you are looking for little dry bags than that is a different story



bags have held up well for me over the years. I think mine are called the Monster bag or something. They’re kinda old, I’m assuming they still make them. Rubber something or other on the bottom and heavy duty mesh on the top. Two sizes, I’ve got both, and should buy some more.